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Nicknames: 'Head, B.Head, Mr. Head, Grumpy Head, Old Man, Old Dusty Bird
Type: Male Grey Cockatiel  "Nymphicus hollandicus"
Age: Unknown, estimated to be around 8 or 9 years old
Came to the Flock: He was the First Flock Member. We were "birdsitting" him for a friend that got him from another friend. After he saw how happy BirdHead was, he gave him to us.
Says: "Pretty Bird," wolf whistle, various other whistle songs- I think he makes them up as he goes along

Likes: West, potatoes, anything crunchy, pets on the head (as long as they are done a "certain way"), chewing on cardboard, boxes, he tends to like boy-people over girl-people, fluffing up, sleeping all the time

Dislikes: Being groomed, being held, his roommate 'Trude

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Pictures of BirdHead (click to view larger on Flickr):

Birdhead being weird BirdHead Glamour Shot BirdHead chewy BirdHead stops for a photo op

 Birdhead doing a "Bat-head"Birdhead in West's play boxBirdhead posing in the boxBirdhead and his favorite hobby

 Birdhead is sleepy...Birdhead in the wind machineBirdhead allowing a photo...Birdhead chewing on the fireplace..

BirdHead: Mirror, Mirror...BirdHead Sleepy 'Head

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