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Nicknames: 'Trude, Trudy-trude
Type: Male Grey Cockatiel  "Nymphicus hollandicus"
Age: About 3 years old
Came to the Flock: Third Flock Member. Adopted from a local bird breeder to be a girlfriend for BirdHead- but little did we know, he wasn't a girl, he just didn't get his adult feathers yet. Now they are just roommates!
Says: "Pretty Bird," wolf whistle, various other whistle songs- I think he makes them up as he goes along. He learned everything he knows from Birdhead and learned it all within the first week.

Likes: Everybody-people, Birdhead, being pet, being groomed, any kind of food, chewing up toys or cardboard, cardboard boxes, singing all the time, singing to everyone at bedtime and first thing in the morning, likes to experiment with his singing- doing all kinds of different notes and tunes, likes to fly around like a crazy bird- he isn't too good at flying

Dislikes: Birds other than BirdHead

Here's 'Trude singing to his best friend (he thinks) Birdhead:
Trude singing

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Pictures of Dirkstrude:

Trudy Trude!Trude Stretching'Trude Shadow'Trude: Don't stick that camera in my face!

 West grooming BirdTrudeDirksTrude when young"WOW, this is all for me!?!?"

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