about gizmo!


Mate: Tweak
Nicknames: 'Mo, Mo-Mo, Mr. Mo, Bow-Bow, Little Bow, Evil 'Mo, Gizmo the Grouch, The Green Meanie
Type: Male Green Cheek Conure "Pyrrhura molinae"
Age: About 4 Years Old
Came to the Flock: Fourth/Fifth to the Flock, along with Tweak. Adopted from Kayla. Gizmo was mean and needed a lot of work! He bit a lot and would run at the cage and attack whenever anyone walked by. He has come a long way- he now loves to come out of his cage and play and sit on my shoulder and gives kisses
Says: "BOW BOW," "Go Poopy" (which he learned from West), and kissy noises (which he also learned from West). He likes to copy West because he knows he gets lot of attention, I think he is jealous of him.

Likes: His girlfriend Tweak- kissing, cuddling and grooming her, tomatoes, fruit, playing in blankets, playing in his nestbox, straws, chewing stuff up, taking baths, following Miss Tweak wherever she goes, sitting on my shoulder and giving kisses, "cussing" in his birdie language, arguing with himself

Dislikes: West, Being held, being told what to do, doesn't like anyone messing with his girl Tweak

Gizmo (left) with his mate Tweak:
Gizmo and Tweak

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Pictures of Gizmo (Click to view larger on Flickr):

Funny 'Mo Face Gizmo: I've got a BIG beak!! Gizmo: Muahahahaha Gizmo tongue!

 No one puts... Gizmo in the cornerUm, Hi?Gizmo: I'm Superman!! Gizmo: Plotting as usual...

 Gizmo posing in the pile of nuggets Gizmo: The Green Meanie

Gizmo and Tweak Together:

Gizmo giving Tweak a good licky kiss Tweak gives Gizmo an upside down kiss Gizmo and Tweak - In Love Give Me Cuddles!

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Video of Gizmo:

Whoohoo- Bath time!!