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Nicknames: 'Zos, Mr. 'Zos, Grunty-Grunt!, formerly known as Bozo
Type: Sun Conure "Aratinga solstitialis"
Age: About 8 years old
Came to the Flock: Sixth member to the Flock. Adopted (August 2009) from his former owner, she wanted him to be in a home with a lot of interaction and more friends! He was cage bound for awhile so he is still getting used to being out and around other people and birds.
Says: Just yells- so far... but his former owner said he talked a lot before

Likes: West, hitting his beak on the cage bars, playing in his hut and food dish, doing his "wing flapping thing", taking baths, any kind of food or snacks

Dislikes: Being held, birds other than West, really doesn't like Tweak

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Pictures of Helios (click to view larger on Flickr):

Helios out of his cage enjoying some seedsHelios is king of his new cage Helios making himself heard  Helios all happy

Helios: MY food!! Helios: Tap-Tap-Tap!! Helios: If I close my eyes, will you disappear? Helios looking out the window

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Video of Helios:

"Look 'Ma- no claws!"