about tweak!


Mate: Gizmo
Nicknames: Miss Tweak, Huzzah, Miss Huzzah, Miss Big Beak, Huzzah Pants, Huzzah Face, Crazy Girl, Goily-Goil, "That's Not My Beak!", little drummer girl
Type: Female Green Cheek Conure "Pyrrhura molinae"
Age: About 4 Years Old
Came to the Flock: Fourth/Fifth to the Flock, along with Tweak. Adopted from Kayla. Her mate Gizmo was mean and needed a lot of work! She's always been a complete sweetheart though.
Says: "Tweak" and "Huzzah" "Huh?" and she has been trying to say "Gimme Kiss" but so far it is a "mumble.. hisssssss" - She speaks in her own "Huzzah language" which sounds like whispering and nasally grunting

Likes: Her boyfriend Gizmo, exploring: in blankets, dark places, and her recent exploration- trying to get under the couch and she gets in trouble; giving kisses, dancing to music, yelling Tweak, hitting her beak on things to hear the noise, playing the "That's not my beak" game- which means biting the top of the nose (she thinks noses are people-beaks)

Dislikes: Helios, the cockatiels, Being held- but she is getting used to it, being pet- but she is getting used to it, she is really easy going and will go along with pretty much anything

Tweak (right) with her mate Gizmo:
Gizmo and Tweak

more tweak!

Pictures of Tweak (Click to view larger on Flickr):

Everybody do the Tweak Dance!Tweak gazing into the waterC is for CRAZY Conure! Miss Feather-Head

 Tweak loves to say "Tweak!!" Wet Huzzah (2) Tweak loves to play in chairsMiss Tweak the Fuzzle Face

Silly Huzzah in my hands   Huzzah in SepiaTweak: Okay, I am sitting still.... this is hard...Tweak looking outside

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Video of Tweak:

Tweak does her "Hammer-Time" on Gizmo's head