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Conure West

Nicknames: West, Mr. West, Westly, Westly Copper Bottom, Mr. Bee, Beady Bee, Wessssssssst
Type: Male Green Cheek Conure "Pyrrhura molinae"
Age: 4 Years Old (HatchDay: May 5th, 2005)
Came to the Flock: Second bird to join the flock. Adopted from our local PetSmart. We liked to go there and look at the pretty birds but we weren't really looking for one to buy. West rolled over on his back and stuck his little claws in the air and would grab our fingers and try and play with us. Then we just had to have him!
Says: Hi Baby, Beeeeee Beeeee Beeeee (alarm noise), Boo, Mr. West, Wesssssst, Wesley, Go Poopy, Whatcha doin, C'mere, Gimme Kiss, Thank you, No (and shakes his head), Hi Birdhead, Pretty Bird, Kissy Noises

Likes: Getting pets, being held, hanging out & playing with people, Birdhead, playing in boxes, playing soccer in his box with his ping pong ball, Kisses, Bells (he has 4 of them in his cage!), all kinds of foods- but he won't eat anything red

Dislikes: Gizmo, anything colored red/yellow/purple- he is a scaredy bird, loud/sudden noises, being left in his cage

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